Bercomac 66 Vanatage Snowblower

Best Beromac snow blower helps make one of the tasks a work easier. It is easily clear the sideways and driveways path. This model has a rubber-edged auger help to clear the snow. This versatile plus snow blower designed by UTV and ATV. Large wheels are used, it is better adaptability in any type of area. In this article beromac snowblower parts are also mentioned, you can also check the parts reviews also.

Best Bercomac Snow Blower 

BERCOMAC Versatile Plus Off-Road Snowblower

Bercomac Versatile Plus Off Road Snowblower


  • Beromac Versatile Plus snow blower length 48" designed by ATV but the motor is not included.
  • The motor is set in the centre for a perfect balance, between 13HP to 23HP, the motor requires horizontal crankshaft of 1 ''.
  • For the 2-stroke Honda Motors with a 20 Hp-horsepower of 24-HP, they require become exhausted silencer for example; Number Kempex: 089269 The Honda Exist Silencer does not match.
  • Opening Blower: 54 '' or 48 '' wide x 21 '' high.
  • The subframe is attached to the back of the ATV / UTV on the HV ball.Universal all frames fit the majority of ATV and small UTV. The standard length is 120 ''.
  • For better mobility, the load can be transferred to the suspension of the vehicle.
  • The electrical control box includes: Adjust the slope, attach the clutch, and stop your engine, all from your seat.
  • Reduction: Single Belt System Type "BX 55" belt assures long life span.The electric clutch engages the snowboarder immediately.
  • Large wheels for better adaptability in any type of area.
  • Warranty: Residential 1 year, commercial 90 days.

BERCOMAC Premium 54" Off-road Snowblower

Bercomac Premium 54 Off Road Snowblower


  • Bercomac Premium 54" off-road Designed for - UTV, Length - 54" and motor included- Honda 24 HP.
  • Electromagnetic Clutch immediately starts the snowblower.
  • A unique Type B belt system assures the reliability and long life.
  • Heavy Duty Gear Box: Any kind of snow removal is demonstrated in the assurance and requires no maintenance.
  • Shear bolt: Shear bolt is equipped with a preventive measure to reduce the risk of damage.

BERCOMAC 66" Vantage Snowblower 2.0

Bercomac 66 Vanatage Snowblower


  • Bercomac 66 Vanatge snowblower Length - 66, motor included - Kohler 25 HP, designed for UTV and standards - EPA.
  • Perfect for light commercial use.
  • It'll blow the snow awat to amazing distances.
  • Controls at your fingertips: Comfort of your seat , start the snow blower , easily turn and adjust the chute.
  • Made with high gauge steel and high performance designs.
  • Includes universal mounting hardware,22 or 25 HP motor, with gas and electric control.
  • Easy Installation: Quick hitch in under 4 minutes ,Drop the hitch onto your vehicle’s rear ball hitch.
  • Easy Storage:Parking stand to facilitate storage.

​Best Bercomac Snowblower Parts

Bercomac Battery Support for Snowblower

Bercomac Battery Support For Snow Blower


  • Bercomac Battery for Snow Blower.
  • Available in black color.
  • Number - 158126 battery support kit 66" and 72".
  • Vanatge Snowblower - 358127,558131,358132, 358126, 358128, 358129 et.
  • Versatile Plus 48" and 54" Snowblower 558125 et , 558120 models.
  • Battery not included.

BERCOMAC Top Extension for Prestige & Versatile Plus Snowblower

Bercomac Top Extension For Prestige And Versatile Plus Snowblower


  • Fits on: Prestige Snowblower, Versatile Snowblower.
  • For Upper Position.
  • Steel material is used.
  • Adjustable: Fix
  • Maximum Length: 54 "
  • Top Extensions 10 "More.
  • Prestige 54 "Snowblower 458131 and Versatile Plus 54" Snowblower 558125.

Bercomac Side Extension for Prestige & Versatile Plus Snowblower

Bercomac Side Extension For Prestige And Versatile Plus SnowbLower


  • Fits the part on: Versatile Plus and prestige snowblower.
  • Position: Upper and Lateral.
  • Steel material is used.
  • Easily adjustable.
  • Dimensions of the product : 2" x 3" , Minimum length - 54" and Max length - 60"
  • Side 2" x 3" and top extension 7". Kit goes from 54" to 60". Requires Drift Cutters No. 088975.
  • Fits on model Versatile Plus 48" and 54" Model 558125 et 558120. Prestige 54", 458131,

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