Honda Snowblower has numerous advantages. No Smoke, No smell. It is easy to start in cold weather. Its allow to continuous snow blowing and smooth drives. Easily adjusted the engine. It works easier and more efficient. In this article Honda parts and cover available. Cover protects the snow blower when you are storing.

Best Honda Snow Blower 

Honda Power Equipment HS720AA 20" 187cc Single-Stage Snow Blower with Dual Chute Control

Honda Power Equipment


  • Honda HS720AA 20" 4 cycle, 190Cc ohc engine.
  • Single stage snowblower clears the snow 20 inches. clearing path and 12" clearing height.
  • It's easy to start - even in the cold weather.
  • Easily adjust the deflector from left to right 204 degrees.
  • A conveniently located remote cut control determines the direction of ice discharge.
  • Throw the snow up to 33 feet.

Honda Power Equipment HS720AMA 20" 187cc Single-Stage Snow Blower

Honda Power Equipment Single Stage Snow Blower


  • The Honda GC190 OHC engine provides much power to churn through the snow.
  • It's easy to start even in heavy snow and cold weather.
  • It saves fuel.
  • Powerful single stage snow blower 4 cycle, 190Cc Honda OHC Engine.
  • Snow blower through the snow up to 33 feet.
  • It is lightweight and easy to use.
  • It clears the driveways and sideways very easily.
  • Clearing the snow 20".

Honda Snow Blower Parts

Honda HS520/720 Snowblower Auger (06720-V10-030) and Scraper (76322-V10-020) Kit

Honda Snowblower Auger And Scraper Kit


  • Honda Genuine OEM Part.
  • Fit to the Product - Honda HS520 A, HS520 AS, HS520AA, HS520K1 ASA, HS520 ASA, HS720 AA Snowblower.
  • Scraper Part - 76322-V10-020 but scraper hardware kit not included.
  • Rubber Auger Part - 06720-V10-030 - kit includes 2 left Rubber Auger (72428-V10-020), 2 Right Auger Rubber (72427-V10-020), 2 Centre Rubber Blower (72443-V10-020).
  • Nuts for the auger paddles not included but bolts for the auger paddles are included.

2 Pack Genuine Honda 76153-V41-000 Snowblower Auger Skid OEM

2 Pack Genuine Honda Snowblower Auger


  • Brand New 2 pack of Auger Skids.
  • Genuine OEM Honda Snow Blower.
  • Auger Skids Honda Part #76153-V41-000 Fits specific Model - HS1332 & HS928K1 Snow Blower.
  • Note- Please ensure this fits by model, type and the serial number of your engine and equipment.


Honda Genuine Carburetor Assembly And Mounting Gaskets Set


  • Genuine OEM Honda 16100-ZL8-H02 Carburetor and Mounting Gaskets.
  • Honda Engine Parts- HS520 - HS520K1.
  • To view the parts, please send it to the seller with the following information: Engine/device model, code type and serial / frame number.
  • Please, check the fixed parts for your engines/devices, which are fulfilling your order - if your engine is not in the details, please contact the seller personally and make sure the dimension of the part match with the space available in the snowblower for this to fit.

Honda 06724-768-010AH Snow Blower Cover for HS724

Honda Snow Blower Cover


  • Genuine Honda OEM Part.
  • The cover is fit for the specific Honda Model.
  • This cover is designed for Honda HS724 Snow Blower.
  • This cover has a silver colour cover with a Red Honda Logo.
  • It is made of waterproof, breathable and urethane coated polyester fabric.
  • Use the cover and protect the snow blower while in a storage place.

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