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Everyone’s heard ice broom. It’s a lot easier to use to scrape away ice from your windshield and the windows of your vehicle. In the winter season snow fall all area that snow that’s piled up on the roof of your car and along the sides of your car. That’s what a snow broom is for remove a snow from the roof. Snow Broom helps you remove piles of snow, which allows you to drive more safely in the winter season. When we go for outing in winter season than about more snow fall we cannot see the nature view in this case a Snow Shovel help us to remove snow on the top or window of our car.

Growing up in the north area means you know that when winter season comes with snow comes, You get out form here all the snow removal tools you have in your arsenal. A snow removal is one of those necessities if you ever want to get in your car and out your driveway to get to work each day.


Unique Features

Galapagoz Dirt Snow Sweeper Broom

Cleaning Lawns Driveway Walkway 2.3 hp USA

Auto SnoBrum Snow Broom

Safely Removes Snow From Any Vehicle

Multi-Purpose Car Snow Ice Scraper

Great For Trucks, Vans, SUV

Extendable Snow Brush

30 inches, 7.7" Snow Brush

1. Galapagoz Gas Power Walk Behind Tractor Dirt Snow Sweeper Broom

Snow Sweeper Broom


  • 2 cycle gas, hand held power sweeper. It’s ideal for cleaning roof from with sand imbedded, or road. Wide hand held gas broom for cleaning boulevards.
  • Nylon Brush Sweeping broom is good for hard surfaces.
  • 4. 2.3HP, 1700W, 52cc, 2 Stroke Air Cooled Motor EPA Engine 2 Cycle Oil. Easily remove snow by using snow broom brushes.
  • Snow Broom Weight - about 10kg. Overall Length about 1.8m Nylon Brush Sweeping broom: 600mm wide and 255mm Diameter.
  • Engine: 1-cylinder, 2-stroke Power: 1.7kW / 2.3hp , 1000 ml air-cooled Tank volume

2. SnoBrum SNO BRuM 10 Pk Auto New Snow Broom 

Snow Broom


  • For all the benefits of snow removal, here is the Snow Brum HDW-SNO BruM . It is ideal for everyone from car owners that want a safe method of removing snow without damaging a vehicle's surface, mirror.
  • The Snow Brum integrates the durability of an oversized, molded foam head that is tested to meet the harshest winter conditions in cold area. There is also the added benefit of capable of adjusting between 27" to 48" long.
  • It's impossible to completely avoid the hassles snow area of winter, but at least you can make it a little easier with the Snow Brum HDW-SNO broom.
  • Durable, molded quickly and safely removes snow from any vehicle
  • Telescoping handle and removable head; which avoids costly damage to antennae and accessories a heavier broom can cause in heally area.

3. Extendable Snow Brush with Squeegee Snow Broom Windshield

Car Snow broom


  • 40 inches long to clean areas such as the top of the vehicle or middle of the windshield.
  • Snow brush with 7.7” size can remove snow from your windows quickly and extensively in easy way.
  • Ice scraper ice broom consists of a 7-inch long scraper and a row of protrusions on the back.
  • Foam grip handle helps you hold the ice scrape smoothly while you are scraping in hilly area.
  • The snow Brush is highly recommended for all drivers and winter area people out there especially to those who are living on snowy and wintery places.

4. Hopkins S12-577-EPKUS My Pink 28"-45" Ice Broom Scrapers

ice broom


  • Quantity : Pink color 28" -45" Extendable Auto Snow Brush / Scraper
  • Extends 28" to 45" With Lock, With Comfortable Foam Comfort rubber Grip
  • Virtually Unbreakable Ice Scraping floor Blade
  • Rubber frost with good material squeegee on back of brush

5. Car Snow Scraper and Brush

Road Snow Broom


  • Good Material: The handle is made of sturdy aluminum alloy to reduce bending during winter season . The ice scraper uses high quality ABS material plate to break the ice and easily remove the bucket.
  • EXTENDABLE SNOW BRUSH: The snow plastic brush scraper extends up to 25.6” making the hard-to-reach pockets of snow reachable.
  • Uses: Winter car shovel ice and snow removal tools, eliminate ice, floor snow and frost in the window glass or water, snow to clean the body, road . Travel casually! Can also be used for gifts, promotional gifts, home etc.
  • EASY TO STORE: Winter snow broom is retractable, with a minimum of 17.5 inches, saving space for easy mobility anywhere with small area.
  • Dimensions: 10.2” Width x 3.3” Depth x 25.6” Height (26cm W x 8.5cm D x 65cm H) Dimensions: 10.2” W x 3.3” D x 17.5” H (26cm W x 8.5cm D x 42.2cm H)

FINAL VERDICT: Snow Brooms needs in home and car in the winter months, unless you plan on making some item with the stuff. To find the best one, you have to pick the one that has the features you need according to your yearly season. If you’re looking for one that’s bigger or smaller, then it may not be your first choice, but as an overall great choice.

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