As soon as winter comes, we start preparing for winter. We start arranging all our winter cloths and cold accessories. But most importantly we forget to check snowblower which is very helpful in winter for cleaning side walk, house lane, pathways. Due to heavy snowfall everything gets covered. So, most importantly as winter approaches our first priority should be to check snowblower. 

Here are nine best way to maintain your snowblower and get fully prepared for snow storm. These helpful tips will really help you a lot before everything gets covered up. Just go through this article in depth. 

Maintain Your Snow blower – 9 Things to Do Before the Snow Flies

1. Check Spar Plug

Spark plug is the important part of the snowblower. As it produce spark and lets the engine on. Detached the spark plug take it out with tug. If it is broken then replace it with new one if not then just clean it and placed it back to its position.

2. Check the Belts

This also one of the major factor which helps snowblower to eat snow smoothly. But if the belt is ripped up then we should change it immediately. While changing the belt we should keep remember the process because the process is bit complex.

3. Examine the Auger paddle

This is the tough part of the snowblower. We should also check there function. It it does not strike the ground it means auger paddle needs to be  replaced. So while using it we should also keep checking it.

4. Check the Shave Plate

The shave plate does the most important function. It removes the snow from our way, side walk, lane etc. We should always try to a have double stage snow blower. It removes snow faster then single stage snowblower. You can check The Best double stage snowblower here.

5. Turn Over the Skid Shoes

Skid Shoes Comes in both single stage snowblower and double stage snowblower. But in double stage you can modify it as per the need which will help you to see the height of the auger. Most Of them are able to be turned the other way round and use it.

6. Check Shear Pins 

This is the fragile part of the snowblower. The Shear pins are connected with the auger to the gear case. It will break if the auger and gear case are overloaded while throwing snow. So we should always try to have in store.

7. Change the Oil

Single stage snowblower initially has to reach at least 400 rpm before they start functioning. But conventional snowblower oil thickens in cold, making it tough to reach that 400-rpm at start. So, synthetic oil allows the engine to spin faster when you pull the cord.

8. Use Fresh Gas with Stabilizer

Pervade your machine with fresh gas and make sure to mix fuel  with stabilizer.That will help the gas stay fresh for long duration and stop it from sabot.

9. Let it be cool Then fill Gas

Generally, removing snow is not a short time work it take time fuel too.  So, meanwhile if your snow blower runs out of gas and your work is not done yet the let the engine cools off and then refill. Adding gas immediately after the use can harm you and your machine also.

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