Greenworks 20 Inch 12 Amp Corded Snow Thrower

A snow blower is a very efficient machine in every sense. With the help of snowblower clear the driveways and pathways. Greenworks snowblower is quite powerful, so the area in which you are cleaning, snow is blown away 20 to 30 feet away. This is a true blessing like me especially for those who live in areas with heavy snowfall and very low temperatures

Top Greenworks Snow Blower


Unique Features

Item Weight

30 minute quick charger

33 Pounds

Snow Throw Upto 20 Feet

33 Pounds

Light Weight And High Power Design

32 Pounds

Less Noise And Easily Adjust

31 Pounds

13 Amp Motor

44.6 Pounds

Greenworks PRO 20-Inch 80V Cordless Snow Thrower, 2.0 AH Battery Included 2600402

Greenworks PRO 20 Inch 80V


  • Greenworks PRO 20 Inch 80 V free brushless motor technology.
  • It clears the driveways, sideways with 20" Clearing depth.
  • 80V Li-Ion System 2.0 provides a greater efficiency with a battery of up to 45 minutes with Ah battery.
  • Quick Chargeable - 30 Minute Quick Charge For 2.0 Ah battery.
  • Makes the 6-inch rear wheel manoeuvre easy.
  • Digital torched brushless motor for more torque, long lasting, quiet operation and long life.
  • LED light increase the visibility level.
  • Rotating the chute for 180 degrees desired ice.
  • Easy to store and fold.

Greenworks 20-Inch 40V Cordless Snow Thrower, 4.0 AH Battery Included 26272

Greenworks 20 Inch 40 V Cordless Snow Thrower


  • The Greenworks Digipro series is compatible with its G-MAX 40V Li-ion system, which provides powerful and easy to use gas alternate devices to get work done.
  • It is an innovative tool with 40-V technology combining with a brushless motor.
  • It makes your life easier.
  • It throw the snow up to the 20-foot distance.
  • LED Headlight allows for better visibility.
  • Easy to clean the driveways and pathways.

Greenworks 20-Inch 12 Amp Corded Snow Thrower 26032

Greenworks 20 Inch 12 Amp Corded Snow Thrower


  • Greenworks 12 Amp Electric snow blower it is easy to use.
  • It clears the snow 20" path and 10" deep and discharges the snow up to 20 feet away.
  • With the help of 180-degree directional chute, you can discharge the snow in any direction.
  • The green works snow blower is covered a four-year warranty Card.
  • Included with this package - snow thrower, discharge directional control, chute deflector, owner's manual, some assembly required.
  • Environmental sound equipment - This Electric Snow Thrower will save you money because it helps to conserve the environment. It does not release carbon emissions, is making a machine.

Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Snow Thrower, Battery and Charger Not Included SN40B00

Greenworks 16 Inch 40 V Cordless Snow Thrower Battery And Charger


  • Greenworks 16 inch 40 V cordless snow blower quickly clear the driveways and pathways.
  • It has 16" clearing width it makes your work faster.
  • It is lightweight and easy to handle.
  • On this product battery and charger are not included.

Greenworks 13-Amp 20-Inch Corded Snow Thrower With Dual LED Lights | 2600202

Greenworks 13 Amp 20 Inch Corded Snow THrower


  • Greenworks has 13 Amp motors, it delivers the powerful result.
  • Clearing Path width is 20 " with 10" clearing depth.
  • 180 degree directional chute, adjustable and help to throw the snow anywhere.
  • 20 feet away it can throw the snow.
  • Dual Led light to increase the visibility level.

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