Top 7 Best single Stage Snow Blower 2021 – Top Picks & Reviews

With winter approaching, people start thinking about how to deal with the grating elements. As we well know the amount of snow falls during this time of year can be tough to manage, and many people are not physically able to spend so much time dealing with the snow manually. The weather can be unpredictable, and it’s worth for preparing yourself for those unexpected cold break that bring heavy snowfall. If you are having big house to remove snow then you must check two stage snow blower.

You can save yourself from the hard work of throwing snow by spending in a Best Single Stage Snow Blower to make this job much easier, as they will clear your pathways effortlessly. Here are our snow blower reviews that will help you to decide which is the best one stage snow blower on the market. Learn more about snowblower.

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Snow Joe SJ627E Electric Snow

1. Snow Joe SJ627E Electric Snow Thrower

This snow joe is the most powerful and vast clearing width. It is best-in-class performance in an electric unit. This is a environment friendly snow thrower mix with the power of gas and the performance is excellent. The 15-amp unit is ideal for cleaning large area and walkways without the bother of gas, oil, tune-ups, frustrating pull-cords or tangled extension cords, and it can get starts instantly and with the push of a button.  It is equipped with a steel auger and 4 heavy-duty rubber-tipped blades. It also features dual integrated LED headlights for night use. 


  • It is versatile and ideal for quick snow pickups 
  • It is powerful with 15-amp electric motor 
  • It has led lights of 2 x 1. 5 W
  • Its all-steel auger can cuts 22 in. Wide by 13 in. Deep path with each pass

  • It includes a clog-freeing tool
  • It is lightweight
  • It is easy to use
  • Stutters can stops in deep snow

2. Toro 38381 Curve Snow Blower

The Toro power curve electric snow blower is designed to eat snow fastly and clean all the way down to lawn, garden and driveways while helping to remove blocking. The snow blower’s zip deflector feature choice between high, low and in-between snow throwing while its 160-degree chute will helps you straight the snow discharge in many directions. This tool features an ergonomically-designed handle for a comfortable grip while using.


  • It can moves up to 700-Pounds of snow per minute for fast snow clearing
  • It has 15 Amp electric snow blower 
  • It has 18-Inch clearance width and 12-Inch intake height for quick clearing
  • Its Power Curve technology cleans down to the footpath and helps prevent clogging
  • Its ergonomic handle, lift handle, quick level, zip deflector, lightweight design, and can be easily assembly

  • It is easy to operate
  • It can be quick start
  • It has powerful motor
  • Some times wheels are not always sturdy
  • It might require a second pass in 13″ snowfalls or higher

3. Snow Joe iON100V-21SB-CT ordless Brushless Variable

It is equipped with a variable speed heavy duty with 2-blade paddle auger features auger-assisted drive. It has iON’s powerful 2800W brush less motor and can shreds up to 16 tons of snow on a single use. It has  5.0 Ah battery charge. It can clear a path 21-inches wide and 12-inches deep with each pass. Its integrated scraper bar at the base of the unit will help you to clear the ground without damaging your deck, driveway or pavement.


  • It has a powerful 2800 W brush less motor 
  • It has led lights dual 2. 5 W 
  • Its auger assisted drive will helps propel the unit forward through snow to clear more with less effort
  • Its max auger speed can moves up to 16 tons per charge

  • It is simple to operate
  • It is easy to start
  • It is much Powerful
  • Its cord can come in the way
  • There plastic parts can wear with heavy usage
  • You may face some difficulty with wet snow

4. Greenworks Corded Snow Thrower 2600502

The Greenworks snowblower has 13 amp motor delivers powerful results for gas alternative  and it comes with dual LED lights for greater visibility during any time of the night. The adjustable 180 degree directional chute can makes snow throwing easy  and its electric start helps for hassle free operation. It can discharge snow up to 20-feet. 7-inch wheels for greater mobility. It only works on 120 volts 

  • It is more efficient and time consuming
  • It is much durable
  • Can be easily assemble
  • Clearance is limited


  • It has 13 amp motor delivers powerful results for gas alternative 
  • It has dual LED lightsfor greater visibility any time of the night
  • It has adjustable 180 degree directional chute makes snow throwing manageable 
  • It can discharge snow up to 20-feet. 7-inch wheels for greater mobility

5. Snow Joe SJ618E 18″ 13 AMP Electric Snow Thrower

Snow Joe SJ618E is an easy to use machine that could gear heavier snowfall on mid-sized driveways and walkways, Snow Joe generate the Snow Joe ultra SJ618E, a larger electric snow thrower that supply the power of a gas machine with the convenience of an electric unit.


  • It is versatile and ideal for quick snow pickups on small to mid-sized driveways and walkways
  • It is maintenance free no gas, oil or tune-ups make it effortless to start and maintain
  • It is powerful with 13-amp motor moves up to 550 lbs of snow per minute
  • It has two blade auger

  • It can be full charge within 40 minutes
  • It is very compact for storage
  • Heavy or wet snow can draw off the battery

6. TACKLIFE Snow Blower 15 Amp Electric Snow Thrower

Tacklife snowblower is powerful and efficient with 15 Amp motor and3000 rpm which can moves up to 800 lbs of snow per minute. It has much more durable steel auger with n4-blade Steel auger cuts 20 inch wide by 10 inch deep with each pass, auger covered with antifreeze rubber extends the service life. It is much more comfortable while using it. It has double switch for safety. 


  • It has powerful efficiency with 15 Amp motor and 3000 rpm
  • It has durable steel auger with 4-blade 
  • It is maintenance free   with no gas, oil or tune-ups make it effortless to start and maintain, low noise, no pollution
  • It has 180° adjustable directional Chute throws snow up to 30 ft, 60°/90° snow outlet provides more choices while clearing snows
  • It is comfortable in use 

  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is much durable
  • Its belt may need an adjustment

7.WEN 5662 Blaster Electric Snow Thrower

The WEN Snow Blaster wipe out snow up to 18 inches wide and 7.8 inches deep. With this tool you can clear the area in a single pass. It has a powerful 13.5 Amp engine provides 2000 RPM to throw snow up to 20 feet away and 10 feet high. It comes with adjustable chute which can rotates a full 180 degrees with a simple turn of the crank to control the direction of the snow.


  • It Can throw snow up to 490 pounds of snow per minute
  • This tool can clears snow 18 inches wide and 7.8 inches deep
  • It has 13.5 Amp motor shoots snow up to 20 ft away
  • It has 6-inch wheels and lightweight design make for easy mobility
  • It has quick-adjust chute rotates 180 degrees to direct path of the snow

  • It is easy to operate
  • It can be Quickly start
  • It has powerful motor
  • You may face some difficulty with wet snow


If you are looking for a snowblower then you should ask these questions which will help you in your decision if a single stage blower, whether gas or electric, is a good purchase for your needs. You obviously want to get the best going rate for the product you decide to buy, so make sure to check for various models.


Make sure to consider what is the size of your property you have to clear of snow.  driveways and walkways that show way from the house and may better benefit from a gas powered design- without the restrain of an electrical cord. In exchange, small, narrow driveways and walkways might be best suitable for more electrical kind.


If you are looking for an electrical corded model, then make sure you have an easily accessible outlets that can control the length of cord you are using. If you also want to check the location of these outlets in connection to where you will be using your machine.


A single stage snow blower should never be ignore due to lack of power or durability. Within those dense housing designs are strong engines that are powered either through gas or innovative electrical capabilities. Less to moderate snowfalls can be easily handled by these types of machines, making it  perfect choice for homeowners to take advantage of it and they are lightweight and can be easily stored compared to larger dual-stage snow blower counterparts. Here you can also check the best simplicity snow blower.

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