Top 5 Ariens Snow Blowers Reviews – Updated List 2021

If you are get trapped in a snow hit area  and you are wondering that you hadn’t put off investing about snowblowers. I spent exactly one season execrate myself as I  have to excavate out my drive each morning that I hadn’t planned pretty well through the fall for the winter storm.  However even if you have been delaying, we live in world  where research for your best product is literally at your fingers tip and you can buy a product to protect yourself and you can live in an snow hit area easily.

The Ariens snow blowers have been making record and have gain well respected name through the years. They consist of various model to meet the requirement of everything from small lane clearance, to commercial business area also.  Though, their integrated grip systems found on some models that make short work of sheer, hilly grades to keep ice and snow from creating problem with access to your property. If you want to do snow throwing process in an easy way you can check the best cordless snow blower.

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1. Ariens Professional 28 In. 2 Stage Snow Blower

The Arien Snow Blower has twenty eight inch clearing Path It has auger  with diameter of sixteen inch. There Inlet Height is 23.5 inch. It runs on  gas and engine displacement is approximately 420cc. It has Drive Gears  of which 6  are forward and 2 is for reverse.The drive type is  disc-O-matic, It has fuel capacity of 5.9 qt. and  there wheel Dia. 16 In., Wheel Width 4-7/8 In. ‘


  • Its engine displacement ius 420cc
  • It can clear the path up to 28 inch
  • It runs On gas
  • t has torque of 21 ft.-lb
  • It has 6 forward drive gear and 2 reverse gear

2. Ariens Professional (28″) 420cc Two- Stage Snow Blower 926077

The Ariens Professional has 28″ clearing width  and 23.5″ high intake. It has 420cc Two-Stage Snow Blower includes a 420cc Ariens Polar Force AX Engine that can throw snow up to 60 feet. This Snow blower can turns with ease with Auto-Turn Trigger less Steering Technology. The gear case is mad of commercial-grade cast iron for durability and long life. It comes with headlight and hand warmers.


  • It has 28″ clearing width and 23.5″ high intake
  • It has 420cc Force AX Engine with power to launch snow up to 60 feet
  • It has auto-turn triggerless steering technology
  • It has commercial-grade cast iron gear case for added durability
  • It comes with headlight and handwarmers

3. Ariens 938034 Path-Pro 21 in. Single Stage Snow Blower 136cc

This Snow Blower has 21 inch Path clearing. There Auger Diameter is 8-13/32 In. Its inlet height is 12-7/32 inch. It featured 9. 5 ft. -lb. Torque. There fuel type is gas The displacement is 136ccIt has  drive gears 1 Forward. It has one drive Type Auger with Stages 1. It can be start as Electric/Recoil. Its fuel tank capacity is 2. 9 qt. The wheel Diameter is 7-1/2 inch and  there wheel width is 1-3/4 inch.


  • It has 21″ path clearance and auger diameter is 8-13/32
  • It has janitorial & cleaning supplies
  • It has 9.5 ft.-lb torque
  • It is manufactured in United States

4. Ariens 938031 Path-Pro 208cc 21in. Single Stage Snow Thrower

This Ariens comes with durability and robust design characteristics with the single stage platform. The new Ariens Path-Pro comes with everything you expect from Ariens. It is a lightweight compact snow thrower. It is easy to transport and store. It is a gas Snow Blower and great for clearing snow from driveways, sidewalks, patios and more. It has 208cc Ariens AX engine helps provide more power during use and it features a 21 in. width for efficient clearing.


  • It has 21″ path clearance 
  • It has 208cc Ariens Ax engine
  • It has janitorial & cleaning supplies
  • It is manufactured in United States

5. Ariens Deluxe 30″ EZ-Launch ( Electronic Fuel Injection) 306cc Snowblower 921049

The Ariens Deluxe has 30″ path clearance is 2-stage snow blower with Electronic Fuel Ignition. EFI remove the need for a carburetor which is the primary cause of non-starting due to sticky and blocked carburetor parts. Though EFI has better fuel efficiency, get easily start and delivers a constant RPM even under heavy load.


  • This tool comes with a wide 30-inch clearing width which removes 71 tons of snow per hour
  • It has powerful 306cc Ariens AX Electronic Fuel Injected engine
  • It can blows snow up to 50 feet. 
  • It has 14-inch auger and impeller diameter, Tall housing height, Auto-Turn Triggerless Steering, Interlocking handles for one-handed operation


If you are looking for a new snow blower, or analyzing snow blower companies that manufatured quality products, hopefully this article is very helpful in describing what the Ariens Company is offering, and  their product features. This product is  well worth  when making an investment of this size. You can also check the best simplicity snow blower.

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